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CEI Esports is a multi-versatile  program that immerses students who have little to no knowledge about Esports into the industry. We expand our students knowledge of what opportunities are possible in the industry through an extensive curriculum and a multitude of different platforms. That of which are both unique, fun, & engaging!

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Curriculum based

Are great careers in gaming

Through our Project BOOST initiative we have revamped the Esports program to cover 8 core lessons that encompass the true nature of the industry in addition to our social emotional learning component. Then 2 special presentations in our Career Day & Virtual Tour that expand the students knowledge even more on the what makes Esports unique and special. 


We refuse to let them miss out

Students no matter their background or circumstance deserve the opportunity to learn all there is to learn. Secondly, with Esports continuing to grow, we believe exposing our students to this industry will only further enhance not only their knowledge, But their awareness of the career opportunities available to them. Gaming is a growing industry, and so is the work force. There are many possibilities to start a career in this space, not only just holding a controller. These include careers such as streaming, brand management, and journalism. We explore some of the pathways and give students knowledge to enter this world, even at school level.


Students are in their prime for the market

With over 61% increase of online streaming channels being created and 52% of big-name brands investing in Esports it's easy to see its value to the world in 2023 and beyond. We now more than ever want to put our students in the best position to succeed and discover these amazing opportunities, especially ones that are within popular culture. Through our Project BOOST Esports program, we can have fun and get students ahead of the curve and take advantage of a fast-growing industry. With our vast knowledge of the Esports space and our interactive gaming portion, we can do just that.


Our goal with 

At the Center for Educational Innovation, we pride ourselves on allowing every student to receive a quality education. Through Project BOOST, we are able to commit to the success of our students and do our part to help them achieve it. In particular with our Esports program, we are able to directly impact our students with our multitude of lessons & revamped gaming sessions, which are not only highly informative, but extremely enjoyable.

Lessons are informative and digestible

Our lessons are geared toward exposing students to common elements found in the esports space. This can be many of the career paths found in the industry, what they look like, or even marketing and branding elements.

We tailor these lessons for students in a way they can understand and identify content provided through context examples that they are familiar with.

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From discussions on fashion and merchandising, to the history of some of the most beloved fighting game franchises, we will cover topics that hold interest to most students who are already interested in gaming, and is inviting enough for newcomers.

We have continued to serve several schools in all boroughs of NYC! With hundreds of sessions taught by our staff in many diverse areas of the city.

Schools Served

JVL Wildcat

Plus many more!

Connect with us and visit our contact page to find out how your school can join the program

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